1. minecraftteacher:

    After a long winter of bug fixing, polishing, and cramming in new features, we are delighted to announce that MinecraftEdu has been updated. As always, MinecraftEdu customers can grab the latest version on our Members’ site.

    You can see a detailed changelog on our wiki, but here are some of…


  2. Just as a note


    “Flipping the Classroom” doesn’t mean “I’m going to make my students watch video lectures at home.” It’s more complicated than that. I’ve had a handful of experiences today where the idea’s been dismissed because it was defined in such a limited way.

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  3. teachmoments:

    I did these comics as a small contribution to the good work I’d been seeing attached to the It Gets Better Project, which everyone should check out. Part two upcoming.

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    Pepito, The Biggest Cat In The Whole Wide World.

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  5. adventuresinlearning:


    IncitED is proud to host Imagining Learning’s crowdfunding campaign on May 7th. Their goal is to raise $25,000 so they can visit students around the country and listen to what they want from their learning experiences. These teens share brilliant, heartwarming, heartbreaking ideas about what education can be. And they translate their ideas into works of art, mural-sized paintings that will become part of a national exhibit.

    Love these images of passionate students. Have you Liked Imagining Learning on Facebook. Now is the time. Now is the time for students to be at the center of the conversation of how we change education. Lets follow there lead! The time is now!

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    Hidden Architecture

    As part of an advertising campaign for the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow, Saatchi & Saatchi Russia put together a creative team to assemble the deep, labyrinthine roots of some iconic buildings; the shoulders of giants that all current architecture stands atop of. You can see many more WIP shots over at Design You Trust

    Artists: Behance

    This is fucking with my head.



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  7. loreblog:

    As students, we created Lore to give our classes an online presence that was modern, easy to use, and social. We launched the product a year and a half ago — today it’s used in hundreds of institutions around the world.

    I’m proud to announce that Lore has been acquired by Noodle.org.

    Let me…

  8. my-esl-student:

    Have’t you done it yet?  I’m tired of being the Hello Kitty.  I realy want you to finish it because it’s a dark chapter of my life.  However, if you draw me ih look bad, I won’t forget you.

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  9. theadventureproject:

    Join us! tapgala.splashthat.com